Why Book Jim Carroll?

No doubt, as you search for someone for your event, you’ve  see a zillion speakers. And let’s face it : few of them will offer up the highly customized, heavily researched insight that Jim Carroll will offer you. Simply look at the highlights page to get a sense of the unque topics that he takses on.

You don’t need canned stuff - your event needs a talk based on real research, solutions, insight. And that’s Jim Carroll, a futurist with a global reputation for his customized research and delivery. Learn why with this short video.

Then go through the list of “10 Reasons You Love Working with Jim Carroll” below. You’ll come away convinced there is only one decision to make - book Jim Carroll!

#1 - Compelling Content!

World Government Summit, Dubai, UAE

1 minute of pure insight.

Watch it now.

#2 - Track Record

Jim has a global track record, providing his guidance to the leading organizatons of the world.

Here’s a quick video intro one client put together which summarizes that fact!

#3 - Stage Presence

The attention spans of the audience are collapsing.

Jim knows how to deliver substantive, powerful insight in a short time - in this case, 28 seconds.

#4 - Social Media Impact

50,000 Followers on Various Channels

His daily motivational and future oriented “morning quote” is growing by leaps and bounds! This video gives a short overview of why!

#5 - Client & Industry Experience

Global clients have discovered Jim Carroll and turn to him for unique, customized insight and guidance.

Your clients get experience like none other. Learn why the world’s best turn to Jim Carroll.

#6 - Continual Trends Research & Analysis

The world is changing fast - Jim delivers to his client base a constant stream of information pieces on the trends that matter, based on continuous, updated research.

#7 - Audience Flexibility

Versatility is Jim’s middle name, whether its audiences of 7,000, small leadership meetings or key customer / client events.

One client just booked Jim for a 1 hour talk for 8 senior executives. They were thrilled with the value of their investment!

#8 - Customized Client Event Videos

Everyone knows that clients want more!  Jim gives them more! 
For over a year, he has been producing highly polished, professional quality pre-event videos. They are killer. They win him deals when others are in the mix. Simply put, these super low-cost pre-event videos have proven to be Jim’s hidden secret. 

#9 - Unique, Up to Date Trends Research

The future belongs to those who are fast, and “schtick” doesn’t cut it. Jim’s constantly on the prowl for new, transformative trends. He knows how to summarize his insight in a concise, clear fashion.

Watch this short clip for his thoughts on the ‘future of manufacturing’ - its but one example of the depth of his insight.

#10 - Attention Grabbing Video

Jim’s “Your Future in 120 Seconds Or Less” are grabbing attention for their eye-popping, snappy coverage of cool trends.

Such as, of course, the fact that we have Fitbits for cows, which has a big impact on the future of the global energy industry.

But Wait! There’s More!
Jim Goes to #11!

Join with the global leaders who have booked Jim Carrll? Disney, Mercedes Benz, NASA, Dupont, Johnson and Johnson, Deloitte, McKinsey, Whirlpool.

You don’t get more blue-chipper than Jim!

The screen shot? That’s just a sample of Jim’s global client base.