Will You Customize?

Of course I will - that’s what I’m known for in the industry. And it shows — after one talk for an agricultural group, one fellow asked me, “how long have you been a farmer?"

You’re a futurist. Can you really predictthe future?

Of course I can. Much of what I talk about is based upon real trends that are already underway, and which are certain to unfold in the future!

I found you through a speakers bureau. Will I get a better rate if I contact you directly?

No. I work with a number of the most prestigious bureaus in the world — they also represent ex-Presidents, astronauts, entertainers, Hollywood stars, sports figures and notable business leaders. I value my partnership with them; they actively place me into their clients when my topics and experience fits. If you found me through such a bureau, let’s make sure we do the deal through them. It will make no difference to the fee that you pay. You will still be able to work with me in terms of customization in the same way.

I have a committee. I’m sold on you - what do I do with them?

Oh, I’m so sorry about that. Committees are often the source of organizational sclerosis! Let’s line up a conference call! You can get your group on the phone, walk me through your event, and I can quickly outline how I can help.

Will you golf with us?

Now we’re talking Many of my leadership meetings with global Fortune 500 companies are held at nice resorts, and I often try to work in a round while I’m there!

Will you negotiate your fee? We are only a small event / not-for-profit group / we can expose you to lots of people.

Sadly, the answer is no. I stay relentlessly focused on the quality of my message by limiting the number of events I take on each year, and in doing so, stick to my fee. I do a small number of charity or not-for-profit events close to my home base in Toronto, so that rules that out. And if you look at my client list, it’s not like I need a lot of exposure at this stage of my career!

Can You Do a Webcast?

I did these from about 2004 to 2007, but frankly, I didn’t really enjoy them. You don’t connect with the audience in the same way, and hence, you really don’t feel like you are delivering an effective message. At least, that’s my thinking. I would, however, love to talk with you about a custom video project - that turns me on! I’ve done several through the years - they are fun to work on, are a great way of delivering powerful insight, and last longer than a keynote.

Can I Call You to See if You are a Fit?

YES! Call me now at 214.473.4850. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I would rather have a phone conversation rather than sending a bunch of emails back and forth. I can quickly help you determine if I am the right fit for your event.

Can You Help Me with Hot Stocks to Invest in?